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Products and Styles:

Even in the second half of 2018 bb Klostermann gives fresh impetus to the market with innovative product ranges. So, what are the current topics? This are the latest trends on the bb-website:

   › bb Trend-Concept: Brand new pattern and styles

   › bb Twin-Concept: New ranges of top accessories

   › Kids' Umbrellas: Colourful and convenient

   › Chilai the Unicorn: Product world with fresh design

   › bb for kids: bb-Quality for the small ones

   › Sequins Style New Products with the popular turning sequins

The new button Novelties leads you to the current trends. Take a tour through the current bb Klostermann product worlds! Our website gives a good overview about the actual bb-themes:

The bb Online Shop

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You can find the actual product highlights in the bb Klostermann online shop for retailers! Just have a look:

Further information about the bb online shop: (›Here)

Continuously New Trends and Styles!

bb Klostermann stands or a wide range of fashionable trend accessories. Just take a discovery tour through our website!

We hope you will enjoy our new trends,

Your bb Klostermann team

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