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Positions Offered:

We are looking for full-time employment:

The bb Klostermann GmbH is a leading company in the field of accessories and gift articles in Germany. As such we are always interested in a committed and reliable staff. So, if we are not looking for new employees now, please visit our website in the near future again!

We currently have no employment opportunities available.

How to apply:

- - Important! - -

  • Please send us your application documents as PDF files!
  • Zip-, Excel- or Word files, links to Dropboxes or to websites can not be recognised.
  • Please send us your cover letter and the application documents as two seperate files!
  • information about salery expectations should be made only in the e-mail text (not in the PDF)!

Please send your complete application documents
exclusively via e-mail,
for the attention of Ms. Birgit Klostermann.

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