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Accessories for kids

Accessories for Children

Little treasures for kids

Sweet and functional: Accessories that make girls' hearts beat higher! Lovely motives in many variations... additionally little pearls with charming colour combinations and glitter effects - this is what the small ones really love!

The bb Klostermann floor stand offers a wide range of articles, perfectly matched and always up-to-date. A great and trendy assortment, always fresh and with the current styles. Hair clips, rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ties in ever new combinations: There is something to enjoy for every taste!

The kids' accessories floor stand is a unique eye-catcher. It offers a wide range of charming accessories, always chic, always fashionable, always new and with great variety. It is simply an ideal solution for the retail.

  • Rotatable floor stand
  • Optimal product placement
  • Varied mixtures of articles
  • Repeatedly new products
  • Small packaging units

bb Kids' Accessories... enchanting products for kids!

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