Fashion Belts
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Fashion Belts

The current high fashion accessories

Belts are key accessories for the fashion world. They spice up any outfit. The wide selection of belts from bb Klostermann is apparent and they are very popular to the little top models. A large choice of belts with colour-optimised styles is available in the most common sizes... simply chick!

Both children and trend-conscious women find their accessories: The top modern studded belts from bb Klostermann are highly appreciated by fashion fans.

For an optimal presentation we also provide an attractive floor stand with 32 hooks on two layers as an appealing and space-saving shop solution.

  • For ladies: Studded belts with leather and synthetic leather, available in the five most common sizes - from 80 to 100 cm.
  • For kids: A wide range of colourful belts, often with real leather, available in fife sizes from 55 to 75 cm.

bb Fashion Belts: A great variety of the most current top accessories!

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